Like Blondie, Say Call Me

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August 4, 2018

When Blondie took over the charts with ‘Call me’, in 1980, there was one thing every listener could agree on: Everyone felt the need to dial Blondie on the line. Admittedly, there was a mixture of rock grunge appeal, simple but effective repetition – Blondie says ‘call me’ no less than 45 times in the lyrics – and Blondie’s legendary fun and playful attitude. However, transposed in the business world, the desired to reach out to potential clients and leads and ask them to get in touch is very much the same. Except that, as a business, things are a little more complicated than releasing a single on YouTube. You need to be creative not to sound desperate when you try to build an attractive profile for your audience. So, how do you get your leads to get on the phone without damaging your brand reputation on the market?

The answer is in the iconic song.

‘I know who you are,’ sings Blondie, ‘I know where you’re coming from.’ And that is precisely what you need to do as a company.








Build a trustworthy presence

When you begin to understand who your customers are, you can remove the obstacles that stand between you and them. For instance, trust is a significant issue that modern, online businesses need to tackle if they want to appeal to their audience groups. A professional website that doesn’t display any physical address doesn’t encourage trust. Even if you’re in a home)based situation, you can use a virtual office with a mail forwarding option to show you’re a legit company. Displaying reviews is another helpful tool to prove your worth – Feefo is an excellent place to start. Ultimately, digital-savvy users are scam-conscious. So, it’s your role to address their worries with a reputable web presence.

Make yourself accessible

How does an audience get in touch with a company? Your target has a variety of requirements, which you need to understand and reflect in your contact strategies. Some customers are more comfortable on the phone – and that’s why you need to get a 1300 number as it displays a professional profile – while others prefer to sort out issues via a chat function. As a rule of a thumb, if you want people to get in touch, you need to provide a choice of at least 3 to 4 different contact methods. Phone, chat, email and contact forms are the favourite approaches, but don’t forget about social media and apps.

Be irresistible to a few

The advantage of a web presence is that you can use specific pages – landing pages – to single out a target audience. Ultimately, you need to create content that shows your audience you understand their problems and have the ideal solution for them. Through narrow targeting, companies can boost their content effectiveness by up to 94% , which consequently get people on the line. Being irresistible is not an art, it’s about the strategic segmentation of your audience so that each landing page appeals to a definite purpose.

Blondie has been right since 1980. Knowing your users is what get them on the phone. Targeting is the secret of all effective lead generation strategies, from gaining customers’ trust to using the most suitable contact method to their needs.