Is Your Tech Working for You, or Are You Struggling to Cope With It?

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September 21, 2018
Is your tech working

There are hundreds of ways to optimize your office workflow and speed up processes, but technology is often the umbrella term given to all of these optimizations. It’s all about learning to use the right technologies and avoid the ones you can’t use effectively, but how do you distinguish between wasteful tech and useful tech?

It’s often difficult to tell, especially when there are certain features of some technologies that you love, but also come with plenty of downsides that you absolutely want to get rid of. So in this article, we’re going to talk about how you can make your tech work for you instead of struggling to cope with it.

Is your tech working






Technology can often be a chore, especially if you haven’t tamed it. (Unsplash)

Ensure you have the right support

One of the biggest problems in tech is being unable to fix a problem quick enough or having no solutions to tech issues. IT support can go a long way to help ensure that your systems are always running correctly, but do keep in mind that you’ll eventually need an in-house technician to fix your computers, optimize your network and do other tech-related tasks that help your business become more efficient.

Use tech you need to, not what you want to

This might sound strange at first, but many business owners believe that they should use the same technology as the larger business in their industry. A good example of this is comparing MacOS computers and Windows. MacOS is considered by many to be the industry standard in creative industries, but they don’t realize that Windows is a perfectly acceptable and often cheaper alternative.

There are far too many businesses that purchase expensive devices like MacBooks to do small tasks like word processing and answering emails, but instead of spending thousands on a stock of expensive laptops, you could easily save money by getting cheaper Windows laptops instead.

In short, don’t use the tech that you want to use because you want to appear professional or follow the companies that you’re shadowing. Instead, find your own solutions and create your own efficient workflow.

Don’t force tech where it’s not needed

Automation is a huge part of optimizing a business, but it’s also expensive to invest in and sometimes unneeded. You can automate many tasks in business such as gathering mailing lists and sending out emails to break the ice with influencers and clients in order to get leads. However, a personalized touch from a human writing those emails is far more attractive and works more efficiently.

If you’re going to automate something, then make sure it’s actually beneficial to your company first. You don’t want to automate a task that should be controlled by a human especially if you’re in your startup phase. Forcing technology is not only expensive but can actually create problems. What if the system fails? What if the investment isn’t worth it? There are far too many additional failure points and it can cause you to struggle with your business and it’s simply not worth the trouble.