Is Now The Right Time To Expand Your Business?

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October 4, 2018

Many budding entrepreneurs start their adventure with ambitions to grow their business. This may mean turning one store into a chain, tapping into global markets or offering more products or a wider range of services. If you’ve got off to a flying start or you’re keen to try your hand at building an empire, you may be considering expanding your business, but is now the right time? If you’re struggling to come up with a definite response to this question, hopefully, this guide will point you in the right direction.







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Money matters

There’s nothing more important when considering expansion than your finances. Growing a business costs money, and you’ll need to make sure that you can afford to make that move. Check your books, meet with your accountant, seek advice from a financial expert, and make use of systems like Xero Accounting. Work out exactly how much it’s going to cost you to take that step and where you’ll spend your money. Will you be renting or hiring new premises? Will you need more stock? Do you plan to hire more staff? Do you need to buy new equipment or invest in innovative technology? Do some calculations, and figure out where the money will come from. Are you reinvesting profits, do you have capital you can put into the venture or are you planning to take out a loan or get investors on board? Draw up detailed plans, and don’t make any decisions until you have analyzed the data and determined the best avenue to pursue.


To make it in business, you need to have a market. If you’re struggling to turn over profits, your sales have stalled, or interest in your current product range is dwindling, it may not be the best time to try and grow the company. Ideally, you should expand at a time when demand is increasing. Analyze your sales figures, carry out market research, and use your head rather than your heart. If you’ve put everything into getting a business off the ground, and it hasn’t soared like you hoped, it may be best to bide your time and see if the situation improves before investing any more money.


When you grow a business, there’s a lot to think about. It’s not as simple as opening a new store or coffee shop in another part of town. You have to ensure that you can make every aspect of your plan work. If you are looking into setting up a new branch, you’ll need to think about finding premises, hiring staff, buying stock and supplies, marketing, and hiring or purchasing equipment. Plan every detail in advance, and make sure you’re ready before you announce that the doors are opening. You want your customers to have the best possible impression of your business from the outset.

Are you thinking of expanding your business? If so, it’s worth taking time out to go through the books, work out how you’re going to finance the next steps and ensure you have the money, staff, and equipment you need to make your vision a reality. It’s also crucial to check that there is sufficient demand for your products or services out there.