Turn Back The Hands Of Marketing Time

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October 10, 2018
marketing time

Entrepreneurs usually go into business because they have an idea for a product. It may be a product which fulfills a need, or just something they wish they could buy. Either way, most companies start as passion projects about the products themselves.

Before you get far, though, you’ll realize that most of business is marketing. The sad fact is that, without this, your attempts here wouldn’t even be possible. No matter how amazing your product, it isn’t going to sell itself. Hence why you’ll spend large portions of your time thinking about product packaging and new marketing campaigns.

As an average rule, you should, in fact, switch things up here at least once a year. Otherwise, you stand no chance at keeping up with changing customer habits. And, that’s before you even consider seasonal marketing you have to embrace annually. If you aren’t careful, your product won’t even get a look in.

The good news is, while you can’t do away with marketing, you can make this easier on yourself. Getting marketing matters out of the way faster means freeing up more time to for your products. It’s a win-win. Read on to find out how you can make it happen.

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Keep marketing ideas on the backburner

Any marketing plan starts with a brainstorming session. If your workplace is anything like most, you narrow ideas down to a shortlist and select the best before chucking the rest. But, that’s where you go wrong. Though an idea might not be best at the time, its place on that shortlist means it’s worth attention. Instead, of chucking it out, then, keep ideas like these on a computer file or in a drawer. That way, you can return to these each time you need a new campaign, and half the time you spend on deliberations.

Go digital

Of course, it isn’t the only ideas which take time. Rebranding marketing also means redistributing and removal. These things take a load of time, and it could be months before you manage a complete rehaul. But, again, it doesn’t need to be this way. By turning to digital signage instead, the distribution of new marketing is as simple as pressing a button. You can forget gathering old posters or handing out new ones. Digital signs can be wiped and refreshed from the comfort of your office. That means this job will take less than half the time you’re used to.

Work in advance

It’s also worth working in advance with marketing whenever possible. You don’t need to wait until a season or change is upon you to get to work here. You know, for instance, that Christmas comes each year. As such, you could start planning your Christmas marketing way back in the summer if you want to. By taking pressure off this way, you can focus small periods of time on marketing between product improvements and sales. This can even out the workload, and save you feeling like you spend your life on this matter.