Do You Have A Localization Strategy?

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October 14, 2018

It’s absolutely right to have an international outlook for your business. Dream big and you will aim high which will lead to achieving big. That’s the right approach to your way of leading your business and keeping in mind the bigger picture such as different customers from different nations. However, if you cannot conquer home you cannot conquer the world and thus you need to fight for your patch. Localization is all about catering to the local customers around your business and treating them as your main priority. For example if you are a bakery, of course, you want your products to be shipped to different countries but first, you need to satisfy local demand. This could be such as making popular items that are local favorites and selling those the most. On the other hand if you are a clothing company you should try to make clothes great for local such as if you live in a cold climate you could make thicker tops and trousers. Do you have a localization strategy?;encrypted-mediaallowfullscreen

Cater your prices

One way to get locals rushing through the door is knowing what kind of neighborhood you’re in with regards to the average salary of the residents. It’s no good seeing that your products are being bought overseas at a certain price and keeping them the same for a poorer neighborhood. Therefore you should adjust your prices to match what the average customer can pay in the area you are situated. On the other hand you could offer discounts for items that are more popular for your locals. This means keeping your fingers on the pulse of what is so interesting to your customers about certain products you sell.

Start delivering yourself

Perhaps the most effective way to stir up local excitement around your business among locals is to offer quick deliveries to the area. Buy your own truck and employee staff that will deliver in your city either free or quickly. It’s not as expensive a move as you might think because industrial and commercial trucks can use Red Diesel which has a smaller tax duty. You can buy them in 200-liter drums and also have the company deliver them to you on the next day as standard practice. The company will also be available at all hours of the day and night and also on weekends in the same capacity.







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Employ the surrounding

If you want to get recognized as a valuable local business and connect with locals on an emotional level, you can hire people from the surrounding areas. Locals that are living close by your business will have a place where they can work but also become a part of the street. Local employees will also have a way of interacting with other locals and presenting a friendly image for your business. Many customers might become known on a first name basis which only helps to solidify relationships.

Localization is the first thing to worry about when you wish to grow and expand. You can’t spread throughout the world and be respected if your local area hasn’t recognized your business as valuable.