5 Productivity Tips for Solopreneurs

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October 17, 2018






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Everyone aspires to be more productive, yet it’s easy to get lost in a sea of productivity tips without implementing them into your life.  For that reason, these three tips are kept very simple and applicable to solopreneurs that work from home… because, that’s the biggest challenge, in working from home – productivity is much more challenging than working from an office environment where you have other people to keep you in check.

If you’re looking for ways to make you more productive as a solopreneur, then chances are you’re reading this as a slight distraction from all the things you know you need to do… and that’s the challenge, when working for yourself and particularly when working from home it’s very easy to distract yourself from the things on your to-do list… and even justify your distractions.


It’s important to create a comfortable and productive working environment that provides the peace and tranquility required to concentrate.

People that work from home tend to suffer with procrastination and distraction, as it’s much easier to sit and watch Netflix at home than it would be if working in an office.  You therefore need much stronger willpower to work from home – and part of that is to create a space of absolute focus with no distractions.

You obviously want a clutter free environment that is light and airy.  This way, you’ll feel much more focused and clear.  That said, if you have a tendency to work late at night, you might want to invest in some mood lighting in order to not feel out of sync with the rest of your family… as there’s nothing worse than getting into bed, feeling wired, from work and the bright lights of your home office.


Routine is important to good mental health, and especially productivity, as long as your routine is helping rather than hindering your progress.  You want to make sure your routine supports you.

There’s a lot to be said for having daily rituals such as getting dressed into work clothes and going for a walk around the block – just to put you in a more focused mental and emotional state.  It’s important you get out of the house, too, as otherwise you’ll end up feeling depressed and isolated.


If you’re like most solopreneurs then you’ll likely feel guilty whenever you’re not working, and similarly like you are missing out when you are.  This inner tug-of-war that takes place in the hearts and heads of almost all solopreneurs has a very easy solution.

Work when you work and play when you play.  That might sound ridiculously simple, but how often have you attempted to get on with some work whilst having to watch the kids, or cook dinner, or with the TV on in the background… and similarly, been out at the park for instance, with one eye on your email account or social media notifications.

The principle of working when you work and resting when you rest, is a simple yet profound strategy that can change your life as a solopreneur.