The Problem Of 30 Second Shoppers

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October 26, 2018
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You already know that your shop space matters. Why else did you spend so long on finding the right store space in the best area possible? You did it all to increase your chances at foot traffic, and thus sales. They can’t buy if they don’t come into your store, after all. And, your efforts are paying off. You’re seeing higher numbers of customers than ever before.

The trouble is, many of them seem to leave within seconds of entering. Worse, they aren’t buying! On the one hand, you could argue that customers like these are still beneficial. A busy shop is sure to look more appealing from the outside. But, if everyone leaves straight away, you’re wasting your time. You’ll soon struggle to pay your business rent. You could say, then, that this is a real issue.

But, getting people to stick around is easier than you imagine. With a few simple tricks, you could see customer times increase by up to double. All you need to do is implement the following.

Create space

30 second shoppers 1






If people seem to walk back out that door without even looking around, it may be that you need to create some space. Nobody likes a crowded shop, after all. If customers feel they would have to struggle to look at your goods, they probably won’t bother. By comparison, a spacious shop with large aisles is more likely to encourage browsing. If nothing else, you’ll find that people stick around for at least a little longer than they do right now. Though it’s natural that you should want to display as much as possible, pare it back. Keep the stock on display minimal so that there’s more chance you’ll actually make a sale.

Engage the senses

Senses are powerful things, and they could prove a huge help to you here. Shops have been using these to encourage customers for years. Something as simple as soft lighting could work wonders for creating comfort. Sound also plays a huge part. You may find gentle background music lulling people into browsing. You may even want to invest in something like the scent diffusers offered by Aromatech, as studies suggest nice smells lengthen browsing time. Each of these could make your store a feast for the senses, and a hot spot for sales.

Let’s get comfortable

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Many stores don’t feel like comfortable places. The white walls, stark lighting, and lack of seating make you want to leave straight away. By turning these things on their heads, though, you can lengthen browsing times no end. We’ve already covered the need for soft lighting. You should also consider incorporating seating areas. As can be seen from posts like this one by Medallion Retail, any smart retailer should make use of these. By providing space to sit, you encourage customers to take a moment out. It highlights your store as a place people can stick around. And, who knows; they may well spot an item they can’t do without in the process.