Smart Ways You Can Begin To Boost Your Internet Sales

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November 8, 2018
internet sales

There is no hiding from the fact that so much is done online these days. After all, you are likely to be reading this article right now from a computer or smartphone screen through the net or your data allowance. You only have to consider your own online habits to see how much of our lives revolve around the net. We shop online for all sorts of things, such as groceries and clothes. We research what we want to buy by reading reviews and blogs. We read up on current affairs and the latest news and indulge in guilty pleasures like funny cat videos on YouTube or online vlogs. The point I am trying to make is that unless your business is savvy with the world of the internet, you are likely to be struggling to be making the sales you need. Even smaller businesses or one man bands no the power of a decent website and social media presence.

However, one main priority for any business is the sales. They need the sales in order to generate the profit, to keep the business running and to reinvest in order to make it more successful. We need the sales to run the business. After all, no matter how big you get there is no hiding the buzz when a notification comes through of yet another sale being made. But, with millions of websites out there, and a good chunk of them possibly offering the same as you, how do you stand out? How you become more successful? I wanted it to share with you some of the ways you could boost your internet sales. I hope it gives you the incentive and motivation you need.


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Is your website responsive

One of the first things to consider would be your actual website. This is your online shopfront and so you may want to spend time ensuring that it is exactly how it should be. It isn’t just about the look, although we will get onto the branding in the next point, but how responsive is your website? Again a good rule of thumb is to consider your own habits. If you land on a. Website, but it is slow uploading or takes its time to complete a task, the likelihood is you will be get frustrated and move on to another site that fulfills your needs. Your website needs to be quick and easy to load and so with regular testing you can pinpoint issues before they become a problem.

Is your branding on point digitally as well as physically?

As we mentioned just in the previous paragraph, how your website look is also important and this has much to do with your branding. Initially, when businesses are first launched, there is a rush to get out into the market and so sometimes a decent brand image, logo and brand message is an afterthought and something you work on once your business is up and running. There isn’t anything wrong with it, but if you do have the right brand vision there, does it work online as well as offline? Your website needs to stand out, it needs to be eye-catching as well and informative. Does your website do all of that? If it looks good then people are likely to be intrigued. Encouraging them to stay there.

Make sure your website pages have no dead ends

Do you know what it is to have a website page that has a dead end? In theory, this is when you have a customer growing your website and as they do so land on a page but there is no call to action to make out directions on where to go next. Which tends to mean that once they have gotten to the end of the navigation journey, they are likely to click exit and move on to something else. You don’t want this. You want your website to be a constant l; pop of information and if anything weighs bring you back to the main page or the shop page for your business. Another example would be the check out page, why not add a call to action such as “might be of interest”? And offer up alternatives and additions to their purchase.

Are you being seen online through search engine results?

Sometimes you need to be proactive yourself. You can’t expect your website to be just there and not have any from of encouragement for people to see it. Again looking at your own habits, the chances are you go to a search engine to be presented with results to your question or query. You want your website to appear in said search results for particular subjects or keywords am I right? This is when search engine optimisation is really important. From the keywords you have done to the back links directing people to your website. However, it can seem like a lot of work so an seo agency may be useful to help you ensure your website and content is optimised. It can be really helpful to ensure that you can enable your website and company blog to work for you, even when you are not necessarily being active yourself.


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The power of cross-selling and how it can benefit you

You are always going to be grateful for any sale that comes into our business. There is a saying that someone dances the moment a sale comes into their business, especially if they a small or handle it all on their own. But, could you be doing more to ensure that you maximise the opportunity of the sale? This is when cross-selling could really help your business thrive even more. As an example, you may find that someone has purchased something, but you know that many of your customers also go on to purchase something else that perhaps works well with it, or could be a recommendation. Having this suggestion displayed before check out, or as an option on the product page, could help your customer consider additional purchases to the one they have decided to make.

Have you got a decent social media strategy?

Your social media presence is just as important as your website. This is your impression that you get to make on an audience daily. Choosing the right strategy in place and taking time to create content that is interesting can help encourage more people to visit your website, which will then turn into potential sales. It is important to be consistent with social media, as thanks to different algorithms set by different platforms, it isn’t as easy to be seen these days.

Building up your reputation to take advantage from a marketing perspective

Many customers value a business based on their reputation. There is a saying that “reputation is everything” and online, where your competition could be fierce, it is important to you to have a reputation that you can then take advantage of. To gain a reputation for being good in your field takes time and dedication. Of course, initially doing the job properly from the start is the ideal starting point. But you might also want to consider gaining feedback on transactions. This is when feedback sites can be beneficial. Take a leaf out of eBay’s book, there feedback system helps you as customer to decide whether or not you want to purchase off that seller. It’s the same principal.

Reviews are vastly important to your business

Just like you need to build your reputation, you also need to consider reviews on products and services that you offer. Encouraging customers to leave reviews on this can help to encourage other customers to buy into it, as the review is even more grounding for a credible purchase.

Do you really know your customer demographics?

How well do you know your customer? Do you know what sort of customer your business fits? Male or female audience, or both? A younger or older generation? Do you know what sort of area your customer is likely to live in? These demographics are important, not just to help your business move forward but to also help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategies and advertising budgets in the future. Analysing your website can give you this information, and so again, will help you to make more targeted choices about aspects of your business.

Take time to reinvest in the sales pages on your website

Getting your customer to the website is only part of the problem. You can be proactive to ensure that this happens, but once you have achieved this what next? How do you get them to click on the product, add it to their basket and then complete the purchase? This is when you need to analyse your sales pages and the information you have on there. So many people have baskets that never make it to checkout stage, and the reason behind this is because the necessary information might not be there to begin with. Things like delivery, how much stock you have, whether a service can be completed within a specific timeline. These things matter to your customer and can be the difference between a rejected or completed transaction.

I hope these tips help you to boost your internet sales.