Improve Your Website with Great Photography

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November 17, 2018

Giving your business the best possible face is one of the ways that you are going to be able to attract new customers and hold onto the ones that you have already. And your website is often the first thing that people will see in the modern world. As well as high-quality content which describes exactly what your company does, your imagery needs to be on point too. After all, a picture tells a thousand words. So, here are a few of the ways that you can give your website a shot in the arm with the imagery that you use.







Search for Great Stock Imagery

Many businesses rely on stock imagery, and while there is nothing wrong with this as a principle, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right pictures. You don’t want to use the ones which have already been shown a million times before, so explore some of the less common stock image websites. Avoid using imagery which could prove to be complicated or misinterpreted in any way. Don’t just use the most common search terms such as ‘business’ as this is only likely to throw up the images which are used all the time.

Personal Photos

Pictures containing you or your team give your business a personal touch which can help to inspire trust in potential customers. Employing a professional photographer to take a few images doesn’t have to be overly expensive. A few tips to make sure the images come out perfectly include: smile naturally, wear professional clothing, and keep the backdrop as neutral as possible. Use some photos which demonstrate exactly what your business does so that people can see you hard at work.

Optimise Your Images

You will probably be already well-aware of the importance of SEO to a modern business. But this isn’t only restricted to copy and keywords – it also includes imagery as well. When you are adding each and every image to your site, ask yourself honestly whether it is actually relevant or not. Label each image clearly and include an Alt Tag as well. Remember that overly large images can end up slowing down your site significantly, so be wary about using these at all.

Learn the Basics of Photo Editing

Everyone is able to do at least a little bit of photo editing, so it is worth learning the basic skills to do this. There are plenty of tools out there such as Glue Motion which can help to make this task just a little bit more straightforward. An edited image can really end up packing a bigger punch than one that has been left alone.

Great photography can really end up improving your website, and the previous four tips can go a long way toward ensuring that your site has high-quality imagery that impresses your customer base.