How To Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

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November 22, 2018
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Nowadays we’re all pretty well aware of the effects of things like climate change that come about from scope 1 emissions, but what about our own behaviors and how they affect the environment? When it comes to our own homes, we seem to be much more in tune to what actions we can be taking to do our part for the environment, but what about when it comes to our business?

In this post, we’ve listed a few simple, but effective ways that you can ensure your businesses is more energy efficient.

Reduce paper use:

 Although some paper still has its place, it’s not essential in this electronic world to be communicating purely with paper. If your business is relying too heavily on things like letters, print advertising materials, and even paper contracts, then now is the time to consider the electronic alternative. Everything nowadays can be done in electronic form, including the signing of contracts, internal and external communications, and everything else really.

Encourage cycling to work:

Ditching the car to cycle to work is not only better for you, but is far better for the environment and your wallet. Many companies who are trying to become more green in their approach now encourage their employees to cycle to work through incentives and schemes that provide them with vouchers towards bikes, bonuses, or even providing the bikes themselves.

Use laptops:

If you want to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to your business, then switching a desktop computer for a laptop is definitely a better option. Although computers, in general, aren’t exactly friends of the environment, laptops are slightly better since they don’t need to be constantly plugged into an energy source, and they also last longer as computers than desktops. Another great reason for laptops is that your company will use less computers because laptops can be taken along on things like business trips or if you offer your employees the chance to telecommute.

Limit use of plastics:

Plastics are one of the biggest issues facing the environment right now, and although your business may not be able to eliminate the use of plastics completely, you can definitely make a start by using renewable and recyclable materials for your office products as much as possible. Also, you can encourage your employees to bring non-plastic things like cups, plates, and cutlery that can either be used again or recycled easily without damaging the environment.

Introduce Recycling:

Just like encouraging your employees to cycle to work, encouraging them to recycle once they’re there is also something that will be great for your company overall if you plan to be more eco-friendly. The great thing about doing this, is it will have a knock on effect on their mindset and will encourage them to take more action in their home and personal lives when it comes to caring for the environment, too.

As you can see, these are very simple, but very effective ways to take control and start helping your business and your employees become more focused on taking action to work towards creating a better environment.