Under (Digital) Lock And Key: Ensuring You Have A Technologically Protected Business

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November 22, 2018






What’s your priority? Is it your customers, your employees, your clients, or your company? The answer is all of them! Now, in the modern age of business dealings, we have such a comprehensive way to communicate with everyone, that we have to ensure that we are firing on all cylinders, and this means keeping on top of the rules and regulations, which increasingly center around the issue of data protection. Because viruses are mutating with such velocity, it can be very complicated subject to keep on top of. But in many ways, it boils down to the most simple of techniques. How can we ensure we have a technologically sound business that protects everyone?

Know Your Limitations
From a technological perspective, it’s impossible for us to have the most sophisticated technology if our budgets don’t allow it, and when we are dealing with the complex and thorny issue of threats from malicious sources, it’s not just about knowing the limitations of your technology, but also implementing the best practices in the working environment. These two can work together, especially when you are storing data under a digital lock and key. But many IT consulting companies like Quicktech can help to provide you with the best resources, so you know what you can do with information, but also what you cannot do. This doesn’t mean you are at a disadvantage, but it’s always important for us to know our capabilities, and then we can manage expectations and limit the potential for damage.

Practices Make Perfect
What we greatly underestimate in a business where we store so much information via servers and systems is that it’s not just the technology we have to focus on. We can have the most sophisticated of equipment, but if we don’t have the policies and procedures in place to ensure that this information is handled and disposed of correctly, there is no point having the flashiest of computer hardware. There are certain practices we continue to have our employees such as by encouraging complex passwords, enabling firewalls, as well as updating the software patches, but we have to work at keeping our workers up to speed. If they don’t know the consequences of poor data handling, not just for the business, but for themselves, then why would we expect them to operate with the same care and sensitivity as we would? It’s all about habits, and implementing practices, as well as reinforcing them. This will continue to make the company vigilant in the light of data theft. Numerous businesses take advantage of e-learning modules, but this is a double-edged sword because we don’t necessarily retain the information. So instead, setting up regular workshops, and communicating information in a brief but understandable manner can work for every employee across the board.

Keeping our employees and customers happy, as well as everyone in between, is simple in many ways, but to get to the simplicity, we have to wade through many complex issues. It boils down to two things: technology and people. Get the right people, and the technology will work at its optimum, and the right technology that is easy to use will protect the business indefinitely.