How to Manage An International Workforce

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March 23, 2019
international workforce

It’s a big old world out there, sure, but it does seem to be getting smaller with each passing year, especially thanks to the internet. That has revolutionized the workplace, since it means that employees no longer need to be onsite all the time in order to do their work. Indeed, in some cases, they never need to be on site: it all takes place online. In your business, it’s possible that you have international workers, who submit their work electronically, or manage your operations in a different part of the world. But since they’re so far away, how do you manage them? We take a look at a few ways below.

international workforce






Strong Communication

You need to take steps to ensure your communication levels are strong between you and the staff who work in the same office — it’s even more difficult when there’s an ocean separating you. Make a conscious effort to stay in communication throughout the day. This could involve speaking via telephone or video call in the morning, email communication, and chat style applications. Every so often, you’ll want to take a trip to visit the staff. A company can’t thrive with poor communication!

Get Personal

It’s possible that you have a workforce of employees who have never met each other. That’s not a team — it’s just a series of individuals. While you might want to consider hosting a get together so that everyone can meet their colleagues, that’s going to require a lot of planning. It’s a long-term goal rather than something you can organize overnight. Instead, look at taking some of the mystery out of your company’s players by hosting photos of your employees online, either on your website or internally for only the staff to see. It’s always good to put a face to a name.

Admin Duties

You might know how to handle all the ins and outs of running a company in your state. But when it comes to working with an international workforce? Everything becomes a little more complicated, especially when it comes to paying. You can end up making payments to your employees late, or having your payroll cost too much money. Instead, look at using a service like Cloudpay, which offers a global payroll solution. It’ll keep the process simple — and the payments on time, which will keep your staff happy.

Respect Those Cultural Differences

The whole world doesn’t live as you do. They have their own ways of doing things. If you’re going to hire an international workforce, then you need to learn about and respect these cultural differences. For example, certain countries take longer for their lunch break than others — it’s built into their culture. If you’re going to hire employees from these countries, you’ll need to understand and appreciate that their working hours will be different.

Rewards and Bonuses

Finally, remember that international staff needs to be inspired and motivated, too! Find a way to offer rewards and bonuses for a job well done. It’ll help them feel part of the team.