It’s Time For a Story

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September 27, 2019

We are living in a world driven by content, and it’s so important that every business out there creates valuable content that will connect to their customers. It’s been proven time and again that people are emotional, which means that they are more likely to connect to a deep, emotive story than they are anything else. Cheap prices don’t draw people in, stories do and your brand story is the best thing that you have going for you in this content-filled world.

Customers are curious. They want to know more about you at every avenue, so if you’re online with social media but you don’t have a website of your own, it instantly makes people suspicious of your business. A big part of your story is told on your website, and you can look into custom built websites here to create the best space for your story to begin. When you have the right website, you can show your customers what you’re all about and what started you in your industry. If you still need some help with what to do for your brand story, let’s take a look at some things to remember!






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Who Is Telling The Story?

When you are telling your company story, you need to know who in your company is going to be in charge of telling your story. Is it going to be your marketing department head or are you going to tell it yourself? Tone matters, here!

Who Are You Talking To?

What does your audience look like? Where can you find them? You may have more than one ideal customer and you need to ensure that you have your story being told in the right places to the right customer.

Why Are You Telling This Story?

You can talk your business up all you like, but you need to know what you’re writing the story in the first place. Why are you telling people about you? Is it to make people buy more or do you want to give your business a face? Either way, know your why!

Is Your Content Valuable?

Content should be useful to your customers, and if yours isn’t interesting or relevant, then it’s just words on a page that don’t evoke any kind of emotion. Know that your content is useful before you put it out there.

Have You Told Your Audience What To Do?

A call to action is one of the most important things that your content needs to have to be successful. It means that after reading your story, your audience knows where to go next.

What’s Your Plan?

You’ve told your story: now what? Brand storytelling needs a plan so that you can continue to build an emotional connection with your customers. Include your customers in your storytelling, make it about you, but also about them!

Brand storytelling is an important part of your business strategy; make yours a good one so that your customers will buy into you!