Paul Dore

Paul Dore has a professional life based on curiosity and instinct. His debut novel, The Walking Man, set to launch in February 2014, is about a man who walks as a means to sort through the hurdles life throws at him, and in any environment he finds himself in. Be it tripping through a blackout in downtown Toronto, mistakenly floundering through a massive historical society’s war re-enactment, nearly dying in the Jordanian desert, or out-witting the law while speed-walking beside his 100 year old one-armed scooter riding confidant Mary; he eventually walks 128km, all the way from Toronto to Niagara Falls in his quest to find the truth.
Paul‘s love of storytelling landed him at the Humber School for Writers under the mentorship of Giller nominated and Trillium Book Award winning author Wayson Choy. Under Choy’s guidance, Paul has brought his first novel, The Walking Man, into publishable shape. Learn more on Paul‘s website
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